What's Your Motivation?

There is great simplicity in the formula for Making Things Happen:

  • desire + creativity + will + action

Soul emerges from a synergy of inspiration, heart, action, and courage.

Muses are divas, not hamsters -- inspired ideas come when they will. The heart and the courage -- well, you are eminently worthy.... You acknowledge them either with or in spite of it All. If you love, you are more likely to be favored with a return of support in staking a claim on the essential birthright of your power.

You hear the drumbeat advice of "Action, Action, Action" -- this is the ingredient you're most liable to miss or apt to blow, that you could always use a little more of. It's like salt in the sea, small enough to dissolve to invisibility, yet it lends those basics of water and air the ability to work the earth of the world.

Action itself breaks down to a trail of crumbs or tears -- the way forward or out or away can best be followed staring at your feet and not thinking too hard. One foot in front of the other. That's it. You've got this. Move. Move again. Don't look up. Don't cast your vision too far into the distance -- you already did the breath-of-inspiration part, back on the diving board.

Action is best handled in the tiniest form of its components -- it's one little divine hammer, blow after bang after blow; it's a sorting series of Yeses and Nos. Repetition. Perseverance. Don't give up.

Action has almost nothing to do with a Big Picture -- it's not the past, it's not the future, yet it's the bridge, the glue, the power in between.

No matter how simple the concepts or how elegant the grand designs of your master minds, you still get stuck.

"Stuck" -- blocked -- it's really just a perception, right?

There are plenty of metaphysicians out there (I may have been one of them) who will feed you a pathology of energy -- complex anatomy lessons of chakras, and frequencies, and past life histories, the gaping maws of demonic attachments and the leaking holes of supernatural drains -- and then they will sell you a treatment, even if they are wise enough or humble enough not to claim it's a cure.

Where do you put the danger of delusion, the too-easy cop out? How can you really ever test the reality of such a diagnosis? How can the shadow of the placebo effect of that prescription ever be removed? "Proof" as a feedback loop of belief?

Well, belief is a powerful thing. Suggestion can plant seeds that alter behavior, change lives, put a set of reins on will and make self-actualization a little easier to steer. Belief can also give away the horsepower.

Why is it that the disease can be super-powered and yet your intentions so often show up looking damn puny by comparison?

Maybe. It's. Just. Not. That. Complicated.

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What's Your Level of Motivation?

Before you choose to tell yourself you're "energetically blocked," that you suffer from some ethereal thorn in your side, ask yourself this:

(Be really honest. Get really clear.)

On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being up there with oxygen, water, and love) how badly do you require this Thing that you desire?

Does a True "10" really need motivation? I'm thinking even a nice solid 9 doesn't require a whole lot of hand-holding or convincing....

Maybe procrastinations and blocks are just 7's and 8's fronting (posing, pretending) in their tightest "10" t-shirts....

In other words (since I've purposefully made this complicated so I could make a point about the simplicity of motivation) if you feel blocked, I advise you that the first step in identifying honesty, clarity, and authenticity, the first level of inquiry, is:

How important is this Thing you wish to make happen? Check and see if maybe -- just maybe -- somewhere along the way you simply became used to the idea that it (still) matters.

Does it pass? It should pass. Of course we want it to pass. I want (for you) for it to pass -- if it is truly deserving of the power and belief you've allocated, within your current reality.

Hold on a minute. Let any initial panic, shock, or resistance pass through you, like a wave. Take a breath, and investigate once more:

  • How important is it really?
  • To whom is it so important?
  • And why is it important?

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