What To Do During Mercury Retrograde

What does it "mean" for us when Mercury is in Retrograde?If you are regularly exposed to metaphysical conversation -- such as you might find here, as well as on the blogs of my friends, colleagues, and peers (I refer to us collectively, affectionately, and only slightly disparagingly as the Unicorn People) -- chances are great that you have heard some poor Chicken Little guru priest/ess lamenting about Mercury's being in Retrograde.

Mercury Retrograde is known for throwing an energetic wrench into the spokes of communication and information technology. In the current age, when our entire lives are collectively hyper-connected to communication tech, this astrological phenomenon is especially noticeable, frustrating, and often super-annoying.

  • Computers behave erratically
  • Cell phone calls drop more often
  • Emails get lost in the In Between
  • People change their minds on us, flake out, space out
  • Our words and intentions are more likely to be misunderstood, misconstrued, misinterpreted
  • Wires get crossed -- physically and metaphorically

How Best to Use Mercury in Retrograde

Image - Mercury Astrological SymbolWhile it's nice to be able to dismiss a bit of the Haywire and blame it on Mercury, three weeks is a long time to lie in wait, avoiding action until the stars align again, creating a more helpful environment.

Have a relatively negative situation that repeats in your life, a pattern you'd like to break?

Take another look at those frustrating circumstances that you've pretty much given up on.

New solutions to old problems are likely to reveal themselves at this time.

Activities that Work Well with Mercury Retrograde:

  • Take a Vacation or a Stay-cation -- if you are blessed to have a situation that will allow it, now is a great time to just not work at all.
  • If you choose to (have to) work, then perform all the little tasks you normally put off -- filing paperwork, catching up on bills or correspondence, tying up loose ends, finishing projects that are lingering close to the finish line but need a final push
  • Repair things that need to be fixed
  • Take time to relax, refuel, and replenish
  • Release yourself from routines as often as possible
  • Make spontaneous decisions
  • Try something you've never done before just for fun
  • Talk to people you don't normally speak to
  • Get in touch with friends you haven't talked to in awhile, especially if they've been on your mind and you've been meaning to check in
  • Attend a reunion or social gathering -- parties are great; just keep in mind that you're more likely to meet Mr. or Ms. Right Now as opposed to Mr. or Ms. Right

Things that Starts with Re- With the exception of reacting, if you're trying to think of ways to work with Mercury Retrograde energy, generally, words in the English language that start with re- are usually good bets:

...redecorate, renovate, reevaluate, replenish, relax, release, reconsider, rejuvenate, renew, rejoin, reevaluate, renegotiate...

The mind is more oriented inward and backward at this time:

  • Engage in contemplation, introspection, reflection, and re-evaluation
  • Stop, pull back and take a Big Picture view of the path you're currently on
  • See if you've strayed off-course or if you might need to adjust your plans

Even if you have little concern for astrology, don't you find these types of activities valuable? Consider this a friendly message from the Universe or just a practical, timely reminder.

What are you going to do during Mercury Retrograde?

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