Do You Believe Psychics Have Abilities You Don't?

Have you run across any mediums, psychics, intuitives (whatever word you -- or they -- want to use) who describe their Process in much detail?I haven't.

You'll find some great psychic autobiographies out there, but they tend to record the human drama that surrounds mediumship - the reactions of other people, the social stigma, the coming-of-age stories that revolve around "I'm different from everybody else..."

Many of these psychic diarists talk about the process of discovering and defining their special abilities, or they write about life-altering turning points in their lives - near-death experiences, remarkable divine interventions, or spiritual epiphanies.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with this -- I'm not criticizing anybody... I'm trying to define a unique, future direction for myself as an author on the Spirituality Shelf. And I don't want to be re-hashing the same old stuff we've all heard about.

Do you wonder:

  • What seeing the invisible looks like?
  • What hearing the inaudible sounds like?
  • What it actually feels like to have mystical experiences?

Maybe you are consciously aware of having interactions with spirits, or you've at least had a taste -- a moment, here and there -- That One Time in the past you've never forgotten...

  • Are you left wondering if your experiences qualify as "psychic"?
  • Do you feel sure about the presence of benevolent entities in your life sometimes, but then feel doubtful at others?

Do you think psychics have abilities you don't have?

  • Do you struggle to trust these experiences, talking yourself further away from faith?
  • Do you invert your beliefs to conform to social definitions of Crazy/ Sane?
  • Do you rely on psychics and mediums to communicate with your spirit guides for you - granting them a power that you deny yourself?

If you speak English and not Chinese, is your only recourse for communicating with a Chinese-speaking individual to hire a translator? While this may certainly be the easiest, most direct way to facilitate the conversation -- it is NOT the "only" way.

You could always learn Chinese, right? So, clearly, learning to speak an additional language is not beyond the capabilities of any human being. It may be easier for some more than others; some people have very specific motivations for becoming adept at one thing or another. Some people just happen to be born in China and grow up within that language environment; others, who grew up outside that culture, make conscious decisions to approach the language from the outside.

Nothing you want to accomplish is beyond you.

We tend to develop our god-given talents, practice our strengths, and dismiss or avoid situations where our skills are lacking. My favorite activities to engage in are the ones I do well. I prefer to play games that I'm likely to win... [Duh!]

Describing psychic phenomena is difficult -- slippery. The subject of the paranormal does not lend itself well to words -- maybe this is the main reason why mediums don't talk much in detail about their craft.

You ARE psychic, you know... Acting as a relay medium - where I connect with your spirit guides and have conversations with them on your behalf -- is kind of like answering someone's cell phone for them. If you are tied up, and I'm standing there, asking me to take the call is understandable.

But you see, whoever the entity is that's calling wants to speak to you. Communicating with you through me is less than ideal... My spirit guides have been telling me for some months that the mission of this blog is not to promote MY "psychic abilities." You'll note that I rarely promote or push or even mention Readings in my articles..

My mission is to lead you toward your own abilities to speak with Spirit -- it's the ultimate Protestant goal. You need no priests or middle men to act on your behalf. You are already everything you've ever wanted to become. The only changes we require are shifts in perspective.

Writing about intuition, consciousness, creativity, divine communication is a lot like talking about music or art -- it's an attempt to translate a subtle, multidimensional medium into another -- with serious limitations. Maybe mediums are like a lot of artists I've known -- their work speaks volumes already, and talking ABOUT what they do and how they do it is a redundant tangent, and an inferior format.

Then again, maybe even the legitimate mediums have a motivation to keep their jobs -- which requires others to be needy and clueless, while they maintain a strangle-hold on Knowing.

Have you ever pointed out a shape in the clouds to someone?In guiding you toward recognizing the spiritual entities that surround you, my personal experience is my only genuine source. But who died and made anybody an authority in these subjects? There's no reason why any one of us can not claim this authority for ourselves...

So, are you interested in reading my attempts to describe psychic phenomena in detail? The prospects are a little daunting, I'll admit -- writing about spirituality is like herding cats -- invisible cats!

: )

I truly believe that you are surrounded by these entities -- I have yet to meet anyone who does not have at least two or three entities around them that I can only call guardian angels and spirit guides. I use the term God Posse to refer to the group in a general way... But my purpose is NOT to convince you; my mission starts with this assumption and explores from there...

  • Are you looking in the right place?
  • Is there anything really to SEE?
  • What do these voices sound like?

Okay, so why am I pussy-footing around this? I know, I know -- I still have a LOT of inhibitions about all this. I have anxiety dreams where Oprah Winfrey is cross-examining me... and I have both feet in my mouth and digging a hole with a shovel in each hand...

You've really only seen me go Out There a little -- with mixed metaphors like Your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels are In Drag. You should see some of the articles I have in unpublished/draft mode right now...

The conversations I have with my spirit guides result in explanations of:

  • How our awareness of Time is like walking Dogs
  • How consciousness is a web browser
  • How spirit guides are a part of your aura in a way that resembles soap bubbles
  • How the members of your god posse follow you about like helium balloons on strings

Did you know Heaven has a Congress -- and many of you are delegates who go there in your sleep?

Hmm... What permission am I asking for here? First of all, I'm going to have to start publishing more than once a week, to get it all out there...

You already encourage me with your emails, your comments, your participation, and your kind attention. I've received a great request regarding Numerology -- a topic I've yet to introduce here.

What I most need from you are your special requests: I've never been a writer who only "writes for myself." I can drive you anywhere you want to go - just tell me where we're headed.

Please let me know what you'd like to hear more about.

Seek Wisdom -- Practice Love