How I Contact Your Spirit Guides

A general, step-by-step description of the process I experience when I conduct a Spirit Guide Reading.

I am what you would call a relay medium - as opposed to a deep trance medium or a card reader.

My distance Readings -- by email -- are my own unique synthesis of Astrology, Remote Viewing, Clairaudient Relay, and Automatic Writing. If the Questioner is physically present, then I relay my conversation by speaking. When reading by phone or in person, I do not type, write, or take dictation.

Clearly, all the writing is the most time-consuming aspect of preparing a reading.

The Best Time of Day for Reading I have a window of opportunity that exists between the time I wake up - around 7 am - and lunchtime - somewhere around 12 noon. During the morning, the signal I channel is particularly strong. As I move through the day, a number of things can begin to weaken the signal: worries, distractions, to do lists, emails… The general thoughts, interruptions, and external information that can erode or muddle the clean-slate of anyone's day...

Food in particular can weaken a number of my mental functions. I usually eat a small breakfast after a few cups of coffee, and these substances propel my energy. Lunch, however, is another story. I'm good for nothing but digestion in the early afternoon.

I look at the list of sitters or Questioners I plan to read for. For the purpose of this exercise, let's say I'm reading for a woman named Lisa who lives in London, England.

Preparation : Prayer I begin each and every morning by invoking the Goddess Mother Mary, regardless of what I plan to do that day. To tell you the truth, I usually say my Morning Prayer to Mary while I'm waiting for my pot of coffee to brew.

Do I meditate before I start the reading? The answer is No, not really.

Were I to conduct the reading at a later time of day, I might require something to re-focus my energy. I have been practicing a Ground and Center meditation -- the basis of all Wiccan Rituals and spellcasting -- since I was 12 years old. After 25 years, I can put myself into the mental state I desire pretty quickly. So, technically, there is a meditative state I enter, but it is more a reflex these days, than any kind of grand ritual theater.

I communicate with my Guides in a very informal and conversational manner. Whenever I want my god posse to gather around I say "Guardies, attend me…"

I don't remember how this came to be - I can tell you that I felt a bit silly and self-conscious starting conversations with "Angels…" - a little too Voice of John Forsyth a la Charlie's Angels. I'd get the giggles imagining that somewhere, benevolent entities with striking resemblances to Farrah Fawcett, Jaclyn Smith, and Kate Jackson were huddled around a speakerphone breathlessly awaiting my further instructions…

One important thing to point out: I do speak out loud whenever possible. (In this day and age of bluetooth headsets and everyone walking around the grocery carrying on conversations with god-only-knows-who -- like extras in some bad, science fiction movie -- I could probably get away with acting like a stark-raving lunatic just about anytime, anywhere, but I am still a little bit inhibited when it comes to this type of behavior...)

The Natal Chart -- Identifying The Personal Energy Signature I require a name and detailed birth information in order to perform a distance reading. I use a computer program to cast a graphic Natal Chart Wheel from the data I enter -- the date, place, and time of birth. You've seen these before if you've ever had an astrologer cast your chart -- it looks like a dartboard with concentric circles and the planetary positions marked with astrological symbols.

Just like your fingerprints, the Natal Chart is unique to every single living human being. No two are alike. I believe this corresponds to your Sacred Contract, the mission you charted prior to incarnating. Everyone's Chart is part of the Akashic Record - a kind of collective celestial database of human souls.

Remote Viewing Your Natal Chart acts as a kind of radar screen, portal, or window into your personal energy. I might compare this to using Google-Earth, online maps or satellite photos, to zero and zoom in on your energy. If you're familiar with Harry Potter, it reminds me of looking down into the bowl of Dumbledore's pensieve to view a scene extracted from someone's thoughts.

I guess this is a kind of mish-mash of scrying -- crystal ball gazing -- and remote viewing.

At first, I view your energy as if from above. The angle of the perspective quickly slips to viewing you and the entities that surround you from eye-level, or as if I am then standing in the same room with you.

I am immediately aware of a huddle of entities -- like you are in an office or a small boardroom full of people. The details of this group can vary greatly, but generally there are archangels present, at least two personal guardian angels -- identifiable because of their featureless, anonymous, stoic postures. Your personal guardian angels are expressionless and do not engage me at all.

All the angelic entities are physically larger than spirit guides, ancestors, animal familiars, and animal totems. The spirit guides are usually more physically developed in a recognizable human sense, and the most likely to communicate with me.

The Primary Spirit Guide steps forward...One or two of them may acknowledge me, but one of them always comes forward to speak.

This all happens very quickly - it takes only a minute or two. As I'm looking into the Chart I will call on one of my Guides Angela and say "Angela, I want to connect with someone regarding Lisa. Can you introduce me to Lisa's guides?"

There will be a pause, as I continue to look through the window of the Chart, watching the activity in the space around you. Angela will say to me "Slade, I have Peter for you…"

Peter will acknowledge me. I will tell him "I wish to speak to someone regarding Lisa's financial situation…"

I use a Question to focus the Reading. There are so many entities that are potentially serving anyone I read for -- the Question brings the most relevant voice forward, front and center. I could contact a chatty Guide that wants to gab all day long about your childhood, whereas there may be a very serious, pertinent, immediate issue you're dealing with... And sometimes you may have a temporary Guide that is coming in to help you with a particular process you're going through.

Usually, there is still a primary Voice that comes through as a spokes-entity. Say for instance I contact your spirit guides and say "So, tell me what you know about Lisa..." That is a HUGE conversation... My current process is to approach the group of entities in your posse, make initial contact, and say "Hey, Lisa's got some financial issues she's really struggling with right now, can someone speak to that?"

Interviewing Your Spirit Guides Usually there is a Primary Spirit Guide who speaks on behalf of the group -- both to you and to me -- but that guide may "confer and whisper with the group in a huddle" and then come forward and say "Here's what we can tell you..."

Once I have made contact with a particular guide, should I approach that group again on another occasion for an additional reading, he and I already know one another, and I will tap him on the shoulder first.

"Hey, Peter, how's it going, can I ask you a Question about Lisa's current situation regarding her marriage...?" Peter, the primary spirit Guide, may answer, or he may introduce me to someone else who can speak to the specific information you and I are both looking for.

Your Guide Peter may say "Oh, hey there -- yes, actually, Lisa's started a new process. Let me let you speak with Sarah. She works exclusively with Lisa regarding her relationships…"

The only real difference is how the specific question affects the work that it involves for me -- the Question greatly shortens the conversation and limits the volume of information I get. This helps me control my tendency to write enormous emails that take more time than they should.

Relay Reporting At this point, I am acting as relay medium, I am taking dictation and translating whatever the Guide is saying to me. Or describing what they show me, much like a court reporter. I usually type this directly in an open document on my laptop -- I type well over 100 words per minute…

I Read for a friend recently -- we'll call him Jack -- who complained of a health problem. I blundered into his aura -- the space surrounding him and his Guides -- looking for information about this, and although I was aware of several entities present, they were all standing back and watching the Archangel Jeremael "work" on Jack...

So, I contacted Jack, told him what was going on, who Jeremael is and what he's doing, what the diagnosis was, and how best to invite or allow further treatment of the problem. Basically, how to cooperate…

How I Handle a "difficult" Spirit Guide Many Guides came and went during the Reading - one even refused to speak to me in any language except French -- she was actually quite difficult to work with -- and she primarily communicates with Jack through Music anyway -- so I guess it isn't even relevant whether or not Jack speaks French -- I actually don't know if he does, but I do know Jack is musically gifted...

I asked MY guides to help me out with what was going on -- they told me this entity's name was Marie, and that she was a long-term guide of Jack's who has always been involved with Music in his life. Marie was assisting the health problem as a sort of "Nurse" to Jeremael -- the angelic surgeon -- because my friend Jack enters a receptive psychic state when he plays piano.

I was then able to suggest to Jack, when I reported back to him, that he communicate and visualize and ask for help with the pain he was experiencing by speaking directly to the Archangel Jeremael. I told him about a guide named Marie who I could not speak with directly, but that all he really needed to know was that there is a particular meditative state he reaches using Music, and to go into that to allow this healing process.

Then I got the hell out of there.

The information I received was actually one of the longest readings I've ever done -- you should see the atrocious, laughable, French I tried to transcribe... I had a difficult time -- at first -- tuning out what I know about Jack as a friend, to keep my ego on a short leash... Actually, it was more a hesitation or fear on my part, that my ego/personal knowledge would interfere. Once I moved forward into the Reading as I always do, I did not experience the block that I feared.

When reading other Psychics or Mediums or people who have a major life theme of spiritual service, I often find that there is greater "security" concerning their Spirit Guides -- human entities are serving in a less active state, going to and fro like quiet maids, in deference to the presence of Angelic entities.

Personal Guardian angels are something like the Guards at Buckingham Palace -- they are stoic and do not engage outsiders, although the Sitter may have very close and communicative relationships with them that I am not privy to.

Some people in crisis are surrounded by "higher" entities like the Archangels and Ascended Masters and a few of these I can immediately identify and name. My personal knowledge of angelology is still limited; I was blocked for a temporary period from reading external sources and literature concerning angel phylla and archangel domains because it interfered with the relationship and the work I was doing with my Guides. They wanted me to focus on listening to them and developing our language, not running off and reading about what everyone else has to say about What Angel does What...

That blindfold was lifted six months ago, but only after I had 3 or 4 years to explore and write about and form my own body of intuitive knowledge, independent of subjective external influence.