My Book Launch Was a Disaster

Book Cover image - Manifest Anything I guess this is what you get when you launch a book while Everything is in Retrograde.

If you've already heard, about the book or my troubles announcing it, bear with me... Several thousand readers never received the announcement because Shift Your Spirits was hacked by evil robots selling penis medicine.

But Mercury Retrograde, at least, should be appropriate for identifying and correcting errors. My site is more secure than it has ever been. And, with this post going out on the cusp of Mercury stationing direct, I'm hoping I can make a re-launch happen.

It's going to take some effort on your part. There's this thing called the "Amazon Cliff" where books fall off the charts within a very few days of going live, if the reviews and sales are not strong enough to keep them aloft. Book publishing is a collaborative effort, and it requires true allies.

You are my ally. Your review this time means even more. You helped drive The Money Shift to #2 in Self-Help on Amazon. It would mean a lot to me if you took a few minutes to leave a review.

If a friend of yours was considering buying Manifest Anything, what would you tell her? The audio version of this course originally sold from my website for $150. This is your chance to get the same concepts as an ebook for only $2.99 US.

Thank you for following Shift Your Spirits and for showing up for me.

A special thank you to those who have already left me such thoughtful reviews. Technically, it can't be called a "disaster" because of YOU.

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